Cambridge Montessori Global School


“A good educational institution is one in which every student feels welcomed and cared for, where a safe and stimulating learning environment exists, where a wide range of learning experiences are offered, and where good physical infrastructure and appropriate resources conducive to learning are available to all students”

[Principles, NEP ’2020 India]

The Cambridge Montessori Global School believes in incubating leaders for tomorrow by creating an inclusive and enabling learning environment that provides every child freedom, openness, acceptance, meaningfulness, belongingness and challenges to resolve. Firmly rooted in the treasured values of the mankind, we encourage hands-on, self-paced, collaborative learning as well as opportunities to explore the environment through various intriguing activities under expert guidance.

We nurture natural curiosity, love for learning and engaging  experiences of every child through collaborative work-culture of a happy, vibrant, reflective and joyful environment; able to infuse positive emotions like curiosity, wonder, joy, excitement, aid attention, cognition and memory- best nurtured through positive relationships with Teachers and among students; and ultimately culminating into learning and growth.

The Cambridge Montessori Global School is committed to provide an environment where children feel secure; and the relationships are governed by care, equity, and respect. We follow a teaching method where the teachers do not seek to impose themselves or their opinions on the passive acceptance of the tender minds. We seek to awaken much more than to instruct, they aim at the growth of faculties and sharing of experience by a natural process and free expansion. While imparting the lessons, we seek to provide all the support, structure and guidance until the student attains an expertise.