Cambridge Montessori Global School

Middle School Programme

(11-14 yrs. age, grade 6-8)

At Cambridge Montessori Global School, we focus on fostering confidence, curiosity, creativity and introductory knowledge of various disciplines in the middle school children. The school believes in providing a holistic education that develops intellectual, social, and emotional skills of the child.

The curriculum is designed to challenge the students think critically, solve problems innovatively and develop a flair of sound judgment. By encouraging them break boundaries, we help them develop a sense of adventure and willingness to take risks for higher accomplishments.


     At the same time, the school also recognizes the importance of academic excellence and strives to build a strong foundation in key subjects like Languages, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Mathematics as well as introduction to the upcoming domains like Economics, Robotics & IoT; to prepare the students for high academic standards and excel in a competitive world.