Cambridge Montessori Global School

Founder’s Message

Cambridge Montessori Global School is a natural progression of Cambridge Montessori Pre Schools already nurturing tender minds all across the country. To run on the legacy at higher secondary levels, CMGS is committed to provide an enabling environment, help our students unfold all their possibilities.
Our motto is ‘incubating leaders for tomorrow’. We believe that every child has the potential to be a self-directed, empathetic and apt learner; and it is our duty to create a habitat where they can blossom. For the purpose, we are committed to provide the best possible resources and practices of the world.
Education is foundation of any society. We are committed to shape the future world through quality education at affordable price; and establish India as…Vishwa Guru. You are welcome to be part of this endeavor.
Pankaj  Kumar
Founder & MD